Club members models:

Above: Copper State Models 1/35 Lanchester Armoured Car (Persia 1916) by Nairn Barclay

Above & below: Graham Melton is building the MASSIVE 1/72 Modelcollect Ratte P1000 with the additional weapons set - hope you've got plenty of cement and paint mate!

Below: A few more pics of the Ratte in progress - Graham informs us that 'progress is a bit slow to say the least but the repetition of the running gear was doing my swede!'

Below: Two photos of Simon Hamiltons Trumpeter 1/35 Panther II in progress. This will be painted and finished as 'Cuckoo II' after 6th Guards Tank Regiment captured Panther Ausf.G named 'Cuckoo' and used by them against the German strongpoint at Geijsteren Castle in late 1944.

Below: Three photos this time, again from Simon. In progress shots of his Trumpeter 1/35 E100 Jagdpanzer.

Below: Three views of an in-progress and very nicely detailed New Zealand 18 Armoured Regiment Stuart V Recce from Jim Scott. 

Below: Again, Jim Scott gives us two photos of his in-progress Staghound which will be finished as a vehicle of the New Zealand Divisional Cavalry.

It's been pointed out that there's no piccies of aircraft!


So, in order to redress the balance, Gordon Short has sent these photos of his works in progress.

Below is Gordons Airfix 1/72 Spitfire Mk.IX:

Below is Gordons Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Mk.XII:

Below is Gordons Roden 1/72 Junkers D.1:

Below: Simon Hamiltons 1/35 Hobbyboss M35 Mittlere Panzerwagen (Adgz-Steyr). Scratch built radiator and engine made. Reworked front & rear vent assemblies 

Below: Simon Hamiltons 1/35 Tamiya Game Goat. Currently OOB but finalising load out for trailer

Below: Simon Hamiltons 1/35(ish) Tamiya Centurion. It might be old and not 100% accurate but it just drops together. This will be finished in Korean war markings. All the Korea pics seem to show the centurions very worn and faded

Below: Simon Hamiltons Meng Toon B17G. This is currently being decaled up

.....and here it is - marked up and ready for the club table!

Below: Simon Hamiltons 1/35 Hobbyboss M706 Commando.
This has been painted in the Mr Hobby colour Olive drab 2 as stated on the instructions but its very ‘green’. Hopefully oils and weathering can tone this down

Below: Simon Hamiltons 200mm scale Greek Hoplite from Mitches Military Models.


This has been left for a couple of weeks now as it has been causing heartache.


Have had minor issues with a couple of their figures before but this one appears to have been the resin equivalent to of a ‘short shot’ in the mould.
The lower tunic was very bubbly and borderline see through in some areas.
Left leg join is right at the lower edge of the tunic. So its hard been hard to disguise.
Left thigh was also considerable undersized. Lots of filler being added to bulk that out.
Helmet comb piece also appeared to have a shrinkage issue so that has been bulked up. 
Finally even though it was all pinned and positioned prior to gluing I could not get it positioned as per box pic

Below: Six photos of Kevin Wilsons Takom T-55 AM 2B, Poland.

Painted with Vallejo Model Air, chipping done with a small brush or a bit sponge with Vallejo Model Color and weathering so far with AK wash and Humbrol enamels.

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